Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cowboys Football News Radio

Read or Listen to the latest news and info on Dallas Cowboys Football team in one simple and easy to navigate app. The news sources are updated live with just a click away from all major NFL sports sources like ESPN, FOX, NBC SPORTS, NFL, YAHOO SPORTS and more.

Need to know the game time? Check the game time within the app or with just a click you can add the full Cowboys game schedule to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. The schedule will be added to your calendar is also updated whenever you are back online.

Have a great NFL season!

✔ Supports radio background play.
✔ Quick view team headlines and summary of major team news.
✔ Quick and easy click to add your team schedules to your calendar with live updates.
✔ No more time wasted searching on TV and web for the game time.
✔ Quick view team headlines and summary of team news.
✔ Refresh button for live update.
✔ Share the story via email.
✔ Check the latest standings, scores, schedules, injuries, rosters and more.
✔ Live tweets/twitter from the team.


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