Thursday, March 1, 2012

GamePro - Video Game News, Reviews and Game Trailers

For the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Gamers! This app is not for you if you have all the time to search the internet for today’s headline news on console games. This app is for heavy gamers who love playing games as I do, and don’t have the time to check the internet with a busy lifestyle on the go.

So I hope you will find this app helpful in many ways to bring you the info on some of the latest and major news, reviews and previews on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Plus audio and video newscast has been added for your listening and viewing pleasure. I’m looking forward to developing, adding more features and functions to this app as we go. Happy gaming!

Audio and video speed may vary based on your network connection. 

Bedbanana – GamePro
This app has the same great news as any game store could give you also doesn't usually crash and tells all news of Xbox ps3 and wii ext also new game releases

Squid Ninja – GamePro

I thought it was going to be a bad app but i am glad I was wrong because it's a really great app especially the media and xbox section. But if your a gamer this sop perfect for you

★★★★★ Blueburrymuffin – GamePro
Hmmmm this just came out and it's already good! Some minor things like landscape and auto refreshing but hey! I really like the xbox tab. Has some interesting stuff! Deleted my g4 app! Good app!




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